Logo of 25 Years of Prerana Waldorf School
Estd. 1996 ~ and counting...

Prerana Waldorf School believes in protecting the essence of childhood by providing a fully integrated and age appropriate education.


Nursery to XII

The Annual Olympics is an event that celebrates Human Excellence and Grace. Neither of these aspects has anything to do with competition. To ‘compete’ with another puts the integrity of the Human being at stake.

We bring rich and artistic learning experiences which emphasize the human values of truth, beauty, and goodness to encourage a sense of wonder and reverence for our world as well as greater social responsibility.

We promote the healthy physical and social development of every child entrusted into our care, consciously striving to strengthen and nourish body, soul, and spirit.

Our task is to educate the children to become confident, balanced, free thinking human beings who are able to more fully realize their individuality and help them to embrace and direct their unfolding destiny.

We must always remember that the schools are the most important part of our children’s life and future. Not just educating them but also helping them develop their personality. We as parents always felt that our children owe their success to their teachers and School. Hope Schools like Prerana Waldorf will continue to serve the society despite the wrong narrative.

- Parents of Grade 10 Student

What is Waldorf Education?

Waldorf education is a fully integrated and holistic education which teaches to the whole human being; head, heart, and hands, and embraces, honors, and celebrates our social and cultural diversity. It is one of the fastest growing independent school movements in the world with over 1100 schools in over 75 countries, more than 2000 early childhood programs on six continents, and over 600 institutions for curative education.

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Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner (1865-1925) was a highly respected scientific, literary, and philosophical thinker and scholar, well known for his work with Goethe’s scientific writings and as a progressive innovator. Founded on his insights, Waldorf schools teach out of a curriculum based on the fundamental truth that human beings are three fold in nature, comprising of body, soul, and spirit.

Core Elements

We weave art, music, movement, and practical arts into all of our lessons reflecting the widely diverse and colorful nature of the human experience. By following the natural stages of child development and meeting them in age appropriate ways, we mirror the path of humankind and the patterns of growth in civilization. The children greatly benefit from our integrated and progressive curriculum.

History of the School

Prerana which means, ‘sublime inspiration’, was founded by Indira and Maj Varma and opened its doors in 2001. Beginning in 1996 with a successful mainstream school, Mount Banjara High School, the stresses and divisively competitive nature of mainstream education led Indira on a quest for a truly human education which nurtured and protected the sanctity of childhood.

Choosing a school and an educational system for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make.

Our admissions procedure is more than simply filling out forms, providing documents, and paying fees for here at Prerana we want to join and support parents and families in a partnership, the noble and collaborative task of educating their children.