A Note of Gratitude to All Teachers, School Management and Support Staff

The Show Must Go On!

The ongoing Pandemic has impacted each one of us in one way or the other, irrespective of the socio-economic class one belongs to, the region we live in or the faith we follow. Teachers have not been any less affected due to the direct and indirect impact of Covid-19. However, they have shown the world how they can keep the lives of children illuminated with the light of knowledge even when the mother earth is veiled by the darkest of the clouds.

As a parent, I am ever so grateful to the school and all teachers for quickly adapting their classrooms into digital spaces and ensuring that the learning continues for every child in a meaningful manner. With schools in our homes, parents have been a witness to the compassion coupled with discipline and academics along with joyful activities by every teacher. They have gone beyond their call of duty to observe the emerging emotional/mental health issues among children and supported the parents and children with their timely counselling.

While we salute the Covid Warriors who are in the frontline of this battle, we would like to celebrate our teachers as the Covid Superstars who have constantly been filling our lives with light and hope. We are aware that there have been several other actors behind these online classes, including the management as well as support staff and we wish to convey our appreciation for them as well.

With much gratitude once again and prayers for healing of the Universe and safety of each one of us.

Please accept my due respects. Everyone in our family is appreciating how excellently the school and teachers have made the complex online learning work so very well, spending countless hours, time and likely money. You are head and shoulders above most schools. We are so very grateful to have such excellent and caring teachers in Class IX like Pushpa Ma’am, Rima Ma’am, Kavita Ma’am, Sukanya Ma’am, Prasad Sir and Ena Ma’am. I was simply astounded by how smoothly Pushpa Ma’am handles the children, with such loving care. We are counting our blessings. Please count us in if some assistance is needed to enhance your service. Warm Regards,

It is very nice thing to know in the morning my daughter is singing with you. We are honoured and overwhelmed in this lockdown to see our child’s daily activities / performance in the morning. Generally we would not get a chance to see normal life. When child will grow up silently with good quality. Thank you for nurturing them in a proactive way.

We truly appreciate Prerana teachers and staff alike for not letting this unexpected break, to stop schooling.

We are very happy that the schooling continued no matter what and yes we as parents had to be involved and it was fun for me , personally, going through the concepts that I learnt so long back in my High School days. I could reminiscent a few memories.

Have good time with your family and stay safe and in good health.

Dear Staff, Teachers & Management,

We place on record our sincere appreciation for the way Prerana has responded to the unnerving situation of COVID -19. In spite of the domestic pressures and the undercurrent anxiety & fear this pandemic has caused, it is absolutely commendable how your teachers have meticulously planned & shared the lessons. Hats off to the school for having adapted to the new teaching style so seamlessly, and without losing a single “working day!”

We also read today’s communication from the school shared through whatsapp. Please be reassured that we, for sure, unequivocally stand by your front-office staff and the school management. We appreciate them and thank them for going about their work in this time with a strong sense of duty & smile.

Wishing every member of Prerana family good health & peace!

Hope all is well with you.

I wanted to mention that when the school starts in June and if it has to go online, it would be best to do the online live classes and asking kids to be in their uniform and the classes go on according to the scheduled periods, including the same recess and lunch times, instead of recorded lessons.

Thank you and your staff for your continued support and hard work that you are putting through.

A million thanks !!

At the outset let me thank the teachers for gumption and swift adjusting to this situation. Being caught in personal and professional front myself, I know it is not easy as work-life lines are blurring and WFH has its own challenges and handicaps. I appreciate your/ schools out reach, it is reassuring as parent.

Though I am sure you are already aware of challenges/ trained to handle young children, these are few things I wanted to highlight, option of MS teams.

Will reach out again if learn of any innovation intervention / tool adopted elsewhere.

My good wishes for health and continued enthusiasm & motivation of everyone at Prerana. Thank you.

We must always remember that the schools are the most important part of our children’s life and future. Not just educating them but also helping them develop their personality. We as parents always felt that our children owe their success to their teachers and School. Hope Schools like Prerana Waldorf will continue to serve the society despite the wrong narrative.

Thank you Ma’am and all the teaching staff and other helpers to make this digital learning possible. Hats off for your dedication and commitment towards your job and kids. Really coming out of homes and coming to school is risking your lives.

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