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Prerana Waldorf School is conveniently located in Gachibowli and is readily accessible from all parts of Hyderabad. Please contact the office directly to arrange a visit.

Prerana Waldorf School

47/9 Janardhan Hills
Opp. NCC Urban Apartments
Telcom Nagar Bus Stop
Gachibowli ‘X’ Road
Hyderabad, 500032

Phone Numbers

Landline: +91 8977055930
Mobile: +91 9618686016

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Warmth of a loving environment

When one enters our school one can feel the warmth of a loving environment for we are consciously striving to be a sanctuary for childhood, a sheltered oasis for learning, playing, and growing. A school should be a safe and inviting place where children can exercise and refine their developing skills as well as begin the long process of self realization as they walk their personal path to becoming responsible adults. We also believe that our cultural and social diversity is a strength for every individual has special and unique gifts from which we all can learn and that there is no one right way of being a human being.

Whether it is the colorful artwork done by the children that adorns the beautifully painted walls or the soul nourishing music which floats through the halls, one cannot help but appreciate the richness of our school community. We believe that an artistically formed environment and the conscious striving to grow with positive intention and sustainable deliberation have a deep and lasting influence on the children for such qualities foster moral values and virtues such as confidence, respect and reverence. The loving warmth of the teachers, the aesthetic environment, and our insightful curriculum which appropriately meets every stage of child development make the school a community which is entirely centered on the needs of the children.

We welcome visitors and interested parents to come and visit our school to experience it first hand. Please contact the office directly to arrange a visit and meet with someone to learn more about our community and Waldorf education.