Accolades and Laurels

“Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart and achieve with all your might.”

Heartiest congratulations to our Preranites

A moment of elation as we share the name of students who excelled in various competitions and did us proud.

  1. Dhruthi NC- Grade III
  2. Avaneesh Vislavath- Grade III
  3. Nabeel Osman- Grade V
  4. Supriya Parsam- Grade IV
    4.Book launch of Yashwi Grade (III) and Krishay Mandal Grade (VII)
  5. Ruhan Parmar- Grade VI
  6. Anjhalle Meka- Grade VII
  7. Vedanvita Indukuri- Grade VII
  8. Zaina Nabiha- Grade IX

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