Snapshots from Prerana Waldorf School

Through these pictures, feel the warmth of a loving environment for we are consciously striving to be a sanctuary for childhood, a sheltered oasis for learning, playing, and growing.

History Block – Grade VIII

The Age of Revolutions: “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” – A revolution arises when ordinary people challenge political authority or the existing social order.

8th graders inevitably experience profound internal and external changes. This makes it fitting for them to delve into the history of “The Age of Revolutions” at this juncture.

In 1789, a revolution erupted in France as citizens rallied against widespread poverty and injustice. This movement dismantled the monarchy whose ignorance and lavish lifestyles were the reasons for widespread poverty. Palace of Versailles is a magnificent architectural embodiment which was built for the sheer desire of the king Louise XIV. Students did a perspective art of the palace in French Revolution block.